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Black-faced sinners

Two black people, a man and a woman, beat to death a five year old boy for wetting his pants. The news story was accompanied by a photo of the two. The look of the two black people is the type of look that makes white people shudder. One wonders what society is supposed to do with such people.

My further thought, though, which can be called racist or insensitive by the moralists out there all you want, was the way we see those two might just be the way God sees all of us. On a forum I speculated that perhaps God made some people black so that we would have to see ourselves in their image: black-faced sinners, if you will.

This further led me to the thought that God only accepts us *in* Jesus Christ. We black-faced sinners, repugnant to God otherwise, are only made acceptable because God the Father sees us in Jesus Christ. Our righteousness is the righteousness of Christ. All basic theological fact, but to really see it via the image of those two child killers brings it home.


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