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It is another gospel

A pastor on Reformedforum made the statement that he wouldn't want to be a mystic because that is an unmediated way to connect with God. He, though, gave himself away. Why would he think a mystic wouldn't have Jesus as His Mediator between him and God? The answer is because the Reformed pastor considers himself to be the mediator between individuals and God. Like the Pope he by default was saying he, an ordained pastor, is God's vicar of Christ on earth.

Take it further to see how this presupposition among such pastors of the Reformed (or any other) tradition plays out. The word of God. When I read the word of God myself this pastor would consider this an unwise effort on my part to have an 'unmediated' connection with God Himself. I mean, think about it: the direct, raw, naked word of God. Who am I, an un-ordained, un-seminary-educated (I've never sat under Peter Enns, this pastor's institution) 'lay' person (more Romanist language) to think I could have an 'unmediated' experience with the very living word of God, the Old and the New Testament, itself? This is where such a presupposition lying in the darkness of these pastor's inner being leads them, if unconsciously. It still manifests in their thoughts and words and actions.

This is part and parcel of the absolute objectifying of the faith these seminary-stunted churchians are engaging in. It is another gospel.


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