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Post-Christian America?

Churchian academics (seemingly especially of the Reformed variety) like to spray the phrase 'post-Christian America' around. Or 'post-Christian Europe.'

This exposes the shallowness of these academic Christian (excuse me, churchian) educators and leaders.

Not only are they ignorant of history in general (their general shallowness really knows no bounds), but they are ignorant of how their own religion operates in the world and in human beings.

In Calvin's day Christians were little islands surrounded by a vast sea of decadence. The Puritans were little islands amidst a vast sea of decadence. Do we call Calvin's Geneva 'post-Christian Geneva'? How about New England in the 1600s? 'Post-Christian New England'?

Let's go back further. I know, let's just save time and call anything after Pentecost 'post-Christian world.'

Christianity is leaven. It is mustard seed, and leaven. Its effect is greater than its number. Just as a school's effect is greater than the number of students in the school. Speaking of real school that is.

And it's not surprising that Christian - churchian - academics would be naive regarding history in general. "It's all different today! Today we are seeing really different things!" It's because they've never read any real history. It's not part of their course structure in 'seminary.' And they are too shallow to be motivated to do it on their own.


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