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We have to remember

We have to remember that real Christianity is as strange, or occult, to the general run of the world as any cult or Hermetic writings or anything else similar. It really is that way. "Mystical oogie boogie," the common sense businessman would say. Rationalist academics the same. The man of the earth just knows there's something higher, but might be impatient with the details. But just look at the basics of Christianity. Union with God who came down to earth. The anthropology is pretty easy to accept, once you know the world and yourself somewhat. The sin nature, the existence of evil. The supernaturalism is a stumblingblock for most, even self-identified Christians. But it's all in the realm of occult type activity and thought to most people. Hooked by the Spirit and separated out and up or you're just a dog who still wants to be a dog.


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