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A bad smell coming from an industrial park office in Arizona

How does James White's 'ministry' take in $188,000 a year? And if it really does, why is he always begging his internet audience to buy him books, gadgets, and plane tickets? Is that why they list expenses at $203,000, so he can keep begging? If not, how on earth does that little operation spend $203,000 a year?

One source of his money might very well be the modern industrial Bible translation complex. They need money-lusting agents like James White to keep people from seeing the evil they are proffering.

A second possible source would be the Roman Catholic Church. Imagine, James, if they didn't have to pay off all those child molestation lawsuits, you might be a millionaire by now!


Anonymous KR Dunbar said...

I'm not one of White's fanboys, so don't blame me for being one. But if you look at how resource intensive his work is, $188K is not that much money. White's take home pay is nowhere close to that amount, I'm sure.

Considering how much useful content comes from White and his group, that money seems like an excellent investment.

October 6, 2013 at 5:33 PM  
Anonymous ct said...

OK, I agree. I just don't like him because of his attitude to the Received Text. In my book you can't be so mocking of the Traditional Text and any Bible translated from it like the Authorized Version and make up for that by being on-the-mark with Calvinist doctrine. When you undermine the Bible and people's faith in a pure and whole, inerrant word of God the damage you do is foundational to anything else good you may be doing.

October 10, 2013 at 12:57 PM  

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