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James White in comical meltdown over history of Sinaiticus forgery

If James White is not a Jesuit he's at least the most useful of useful idiots Rome has ever had. He is currently in full meltdown after having just discovered the history of his 'sacred' manuscript Sinaiticus, or satanicus, and how it is most likely a rather obvious forgery (and anyone who knows the comical history of the 'finding' of that obviously 'problematic' (to say the least) manuscript and knows the history of Rome's forgeries over the centuries should not be surprised such a job could be pulled off especially over the dumbest Christians since Pentecost, 19th century rapture dopes and modern day academic Reformed types and their shallow followers). The fact that James White is behind on knowing about this makes his current efforts rather comical. He is desperately trying to get one of his fans to buy him a 1982 book on the subject at Amazon selling used for over $70. Once he gets this book and reads it no doubt he will become an instant expert on the subject and pretend that he's known all about the subject since forever. Meanwhile he is doing his best to smear documentary maker Chris Pinto, who's documentary Tares Among the Wheat (which can be seen in full on YouTube) is what started the Keystone cop meltdown routine at White's 'ministry.' His co-blogger Alan K. has made the first attempts to discredit Pinto (he called him "kooky" for starters). Pinto responded by pointing out Alan K. studied at Harvard Divinity School which, Chris Pinto also pointed out, was like being ordained by Nancy Pelosi, or learning about the Book of Leviticus from Barack Obama.

This all dovetails providentially with my own reading of J. A. Wylie's works on the Papacy (and Ian Paisely's summary of that work called Antichrist, available at Paisley's site here).

We have to remember that some things can be in such blatant plain sight they become easy to miss. Or forget about. Rome's attack on the word of God has been its main effort from the beginning. Dupes like White and Alan K. and the army of liberal critical text scholars who couldn't discern Satan in full goat regalia from Jesus Himself are the useful idiot equivalent of Obama voters, or the first round of executed useful idiots during any communist revolution of the past 100 years. Christians with the Holy Spirit in them, and hence with the discernment that comes from the Holy Spirit should not marvel at the work of Satan regarding his attack on the word of God, the Old and New Testaments. And we should never cease to thank God for preserving the pure and whole word of God in sound translation from the traditional Hebrew text and Received Text, handed down by our brothers and sisters in Christ, fought for, defended with their very blood. Hold an Authorized - King James - Version in hand and express the gratitude its existence calls for to God.


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