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Little debate with an atheist

"Then how do you explain the prosperous (and more moral than Christians) atheistic societies we see today?"

Like the former Soviet Union?

There really are no "atheist societies" today in the western world. There are countries that are living off the borrowed capital of their Christian past and elements of Christian culture and civilization in their present.

"Would you rape a child if your god convinced you of an "as-yet unknown morally sufficient reason" for doing so? I wouldn't."

Muslims certainly would. Many atheists would and have. All fallen humanity would do and have done pretty much anything given the opportunity and the means. My standard is the word of God, the Old and New Testaments. The ceremonial and civil laws of the Israelite theocracy are defunct upon the birth and death of the Messiah, Jesus Christ, but the moral laws which are for all generations, the ten commandments, are straight forward. The 7th commandment is about adultery and sexual misbehavior. The commandment against covetousness is arguably in play as well regarding the innocence of a child. The main point is that is an absolute standard given by our Creator Himself. It is not the whim or demand or choice of a created being, and fallen created being at that.

"Adultery pertains solely to unfaithfulness within a marriage. It has nothing to do with child rape or the consent of one's partner."

God also commands against fornication and concupiscence. In the 10th commandment to covet also means to lust in general. Thou shalt not covet what is thy neighbor's. A child would fall under that.

God generally, as well, doesn't expect his regenerated and sanctified children to game the system like a defense lawyer. Atheists do that.


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