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Note to Reformed academics (seminary boys)

Karl Barth - thththththththththththththth - was the theological equivalent of a piece of human shit. He defended Satan in communist genocide, and wrote theology like a Marxist theorist wrote about economics, drowning his audience in an ocean of shit only appealing to fellow leftists and useful idiots of Satan himself. No, there ain't nothing there. It you have discernment for truth, and if you value truth, there ain't nothing there. Yeah, I know, you get a thrill that he had girl friends and stuff, and he was a theologian and stuff with girl friends, 'cuz that's not the usual thing and stuff. Yeah, I get it. I know. You have an infatuation with the piece of shit. Let me throw something at you: Thomas Mann was a fake too. His thing was to fool middlebrow book readers (most of whom graduated from Ivy League schools) who took him as a great, above the world (Switzerland and stuff) intellectual (the great novelist and intellectual of our time, Steve Martin, the arrow-through-the-head guy, is actively modelling himself on Thomas Mann, but he may change tack and become our modern day Robert Musil as time goes on, maybe you can write books and articles about that too). No, you didn't understand anything of what I just wrote, and you will think it's crazy and stupid because you don't get the references or the joke. That's OK. I don't want to explode heads here I just want to send a note to the Reformed seminary boys: Karl Barth - thththththththththth - was a fake and was pretty much human shit in every way possible. If you had actual discernment that comes from the Holy Spirit you wouldn't need to be told this, but...that's a deeper problem.


Blogger c.t. said...

Seems I had a little too much caffeine, but I stand by everything said. If you didn't get the Steve Martin stuff, it's probably too subtle. As for Thomas Mann being a fake, see Martin Seymour-Smith on that...

September 2, 2013 at 2:54 AM  

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