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Spiritual warfare is the center of the Christian faith and doctrine and practice. Spiritual warfare brings it all together to a practical core.

Doctrine is armor of God, for instance. What you can see in doctrine, and accept, effects you internally.

We are surrounded by violence and the spirit of evil. We'd be overwhelmed by it without some common grace protecting us to a degree.

Good times, safe environments, are real, to an extent, but they are also an illusion. From the resurrection of Christ to the Second Coming is the end days. In the end days the Devil is bound only in being able to deceive the nations and unite them to assert dominion over the entire planet (which has arguably been occurring in the last hundred years and continuing now). He and his spirit and demons are not bound in all other ways. That is all around us.

In the spiritual realms, where we exist now just as we exist here under the sun, we need to realize we are on a spiritual battlefield and that we need the armor of God. The school of doctrine we hold too, as well, as stated above, determines levels of protection. For instance, a visible church gathering here under the sun with watery, worldly doctrine (or a leader/laymen ongoing nursery atmosphere) will not have protection in that spiritual realm. A lone warrior with the true armor of God (true, on-the-mark biblical doctrine) will have more protection though alone.


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