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Unspoken tension breaks forth into words between moderators at the Puritanboard

An interesting thread at the Puritanboard (here, mostly on page 4, assuming they don't delete comments after I've written this) evolved into some real conflict between moderators. One of the King James Version advocates, Rev. Winzer, was accused of being a default King James Onlyist and then others piled on Winzer, including another moderator (or administrator, one of the two).

Basically, the people who have championed the garbage manuscripts (Sinaiticus and Vaticanus) and the modern versions based on them are conscience-struck whenever they are in the presence of someone like Winzer because they know they are rejecting the pure and whole word of God for versions they can look down on rather than have to look up to. So ultimately they have to take a position of eliminating the KJV and its advocates from their environment. Ultimately.

And this necessity has erupted in one of the threads over there in recent days. Like atheists, like anybody in the Devil's camp, they ultimately can't accept co-existence with the pure and whole word of God and all who hold to it. They have to eliminate the pure and whole word of God and any who hold to it. It is part and parcel of the Devil and his children asserting dominion over the entire planet just before the day of the Lord consummation.

So their first move is like any atheist move which is to demand a 'concession' from the evil child of God.

Well, Winzer refused to make any such concession and demanded a retraction of what his accuser said of him. This was not forthcoming as I write this.

To the champions of the garbage manuscripts and the perversions based on them, here is a clue: if you are the stung party, it's pretty good evidence you are on the wrong side of the divide.


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