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Critical Text scholars say, "Yea, hath God said...?"

Followers of the Critical Text modern versions of the Bible always seem to have a "Yea, hath God said..." vibe about them when they are arguing for their Egyptian and Roman Catholic bibles.

They also are always grinning and mocking when presenting their case.

They also are always demanding concessions from the Bible believing Christian who is holding the Authorized - King James - Version in their hand. "Yea, Christian, concede that that Bible you hold contains error. Concede!"

Then they mock the notion of supernatural preservation, in an atheist style of mocking. Also they mock the notion of an inspired translation, but this usually is a product of their common shallowness regarding works of literature in general.

Even without their mutilated and poisonous manuscripts their modern versions of the Bible in English would be babel if they didn't have the Authorized - King James - Version (the crown of the English Bible) to not only steal from but to guide them every step of the way. It can be said, though, that even the Devil needs a standard so that he has something to deviate from...


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