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Seeing other beings...

An email:

One thing about death, or the thought of death, that has made me wary in the past is the part about seeing beings we can't see now. Or not the seeing of them but the fact of them. Like that is unbelievable. Like that is 'fiction realm.'

Then I thought this: it's strange seeing beings here and now. I live in a place where new people are coming and going, and they are like total strangers who appear in your personal space. Kind of strange. Yet they are beings and they exist.

I mean living beings. Some of them are out there now. Outside my room. The new ones are tall, and somewhat shallow. "I walked out of my room and saw tall, shallow beings..."

When we appeared in this world in the tabernacle we are in now, our flesh bodies, we appeared in a room with beings in it. A doctor, nurses, our mother...

The beings we'll see at death may be of a different nature than us. Angels. And then perhaps other humans in spiritual bodies. God created you, and He won't abandon you. - C.


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