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In the spiritual realm

I know it's Christmas, but to me it just means the stores are all closed.

I keep thinking about (it keeps coming to mind) how we are all in various schools and circles in the spiritual world and how that manifests here under the sun, so to speak.

It could explain the bizarre reaction I get (from the very beginning) when I'd appear on a Christian forum or blog or similar environment. I'd just have to say "Hi" and I'd get "What are you doing here!! Get away from us!! Ahhh!!!"

Like it would be like an Aborigine in full tribal get up shows up at the most white neighborhood, the most white family in Australia for Christmas dinner. Just out of nowhere.

And I think it is that way in the spiritual world because people settle into these schools and circles and they attain a degree of peace and comfort from the dangers around them, and when something threatens to throw that out-of-balance you see the kind of reaction I've seen.

And this speaks to development of being as a real thing. My history, my experience, has brought me to where I am, in terms of being. I know I am different from other Christians. They obviously sense it too. And it's real. I can't complain when they freak out or refuse to interact. It's actually normal.

And what makes it more difficult for them is I scare them because I don't seem to be attached to anything they recognize as a school or circle. Like Odysseus scared one of his hosts because it seemed like the gods were against him, partly because he was alone.

We can all situate ourselves within this scenario.

So I have to see that my school is not church level Christianity, but order level. It is what I've been presented with, and it is what I've set out upon. With some success. If you then leave your first love, as Revelation puts it, you need to return to it or you are really nowhere. Odysseus had to return to that upper chamber where Penelope awaited.

Where I am at in the spiritual realm calls on me to be saturated with the word of God (something I've done with the complete readings); active on the battlefield with real, awake, discernment; in the full armor of God (doctrine at its most on-the-mark essence); with God and the Host of Heaven for my protection. I don't have the comfort of a group, or circle of protection (and obviously don't want it, with its limitations).

To the others, in the other various schools and circles in the spiritual realm, I may look pathetic, or alone, or despised of God, or just strange, or dangerous, but it is really just that separation that is between the [here I'm editing out special terminology] common, worldly level of man and the uncommon higher level. The in-between level is looking both ways, which causes much of this confusion and disorder.


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