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Real Armor of God

When you're talking to a real Christian you are talking to a Christian who wants the real armor of God. So whatever you say means nothing if it doesn't come up to that standard. That angers the church level. It angers the seminary graduates. It angers the false teachers, whether they be ignorant or consciously malevolent.

Biblical doctrine is armor of God. It effects you internally. When you are able to see it (hard core, unwatered down, unnegotiated down to the demands of our fallen nature biblical doctrine) again, when you are able to see it, and accept it, and value it, it effects you internally.

I've been naked on the spiritual battlefield. I know what that is like. I've also been in the full armor of God on the spiritual battlefield. I know what that is like. Once aware of the difference I accept nothing less than the full, real armor of God.

Nothing you can say from the church or seminary or false teaching level will have any effect on me. There's no shaming, or mocking, or fooling that will have effect. If you say to a soldier, here, take this cardboard rifle. Go ahead. It's less of a burden to carry. What do you think the soldier will say to you? He'll say, on the battlefield I need a real rifle, not a fake one. No, I don't want your fake rifle. I don't care if it is less of a burden to me. It is useless to me, and more than that it can get me killed.

A real Christian has the same response. It's simply a practical response to the real situation we are in. We are regenerate. We have the Holy Spirit in us. The Devil, the world, our own inner fallen nature, recognize this and notice us. They confront us. Do battle with us. We need and demand the real armor of God. And our merciful God in His grace makes it available to us.


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