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The Person of the Holy Spirit as Comforter

Simon of Australia sayeth:

God there's heaps of death around me at the moment. Parents of close friends mainly, and relatives. The stakes feel high.

Your time is limited. I feel the actual active holy spirit though - you dont die alone, he comes to collect you.

I respondeth:
At times over the last six months or so I've made efforts to study the Holy Spirit. The *Person* of the Holy Spirit. Just now I thought about how Jesus called Him the Comforter. This tells me when we do have those thoughts of what happens at death it is the Holy Spirit we should think of (which is what you bring up in your email). After all, the Holy Spirit is *in us.* Once regenerated, when we die we die with the Holy Spirit - God - in us. And it was the Holy Spirit that was with Jesus (Jesus as a human man) when He rose from death. I think the more we come into consciousness of the *Person* of the Holy Spirit (not a force or energy, but an actual Person like Jesus or God the Father) the more we develop overall. - C.


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