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A non-man-fearing approach to homosexual condemnation

Any condemnation of homosexuality is man fearing if it doesn't include a condemnation of the practice of the homosexual community in increasing their tribe by recruiting children and young people by 1. molestation; 2. indoctrination; and 3. drug addiction. Then telling them they were born that way.

For the homosexual community to have their gay bars filled in the future they have to constantly molest, indoctrinate, and otherwise recruit in the present.

This is why homosexuality was criminalized in the past, and why it should be criminalized now.

A Christian needs to discern between the wicked souls who run the racket and the victims of those wicked souls in terms of our view. Most homosexuals were molested as children and young people, indoctrinated as children and young people, were given drugs and made dependent on the homosexual community for those drugs, etc. Then they were told they were born that way. Just as in the Satanic Marxist movements, you have the King Rats, and you have the wide-eyed indoctrinated followers. Prosecute the King Rats and let the prison chaplains work on them; but evangelize to the wide eyed victims.


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