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Being awake to the battle

Sometimes I feel convicted (that churchy term) to write something.

I just heard something where part of what the person said was, "...hell, the very central camp of Satan..."

My mind immediately ran over what I know of Hades, and Hell, and what happens when unbelievers die, and so on. Also, how where we are now has a correlation in the spiritual realm.

Also, issues of protection and spiritual battle and so on.

Recurrence too.

And how it is all so important and potentially dangerous when not 'seen' or remembered or just taken lightly.

Like, why are some living in living hells here in the realm under the sun, but others, perhaps equally unbelieving, are living in areas where they are under less constraint from evil and idols and less coercion from community and leaders and so on (think of the totalitarian, constant coercion in Muslim lands). Do they have more protection in the spiritual realm - Hades - and how is that maintained? Etc.

So it makes me wonder what am I not doing now that I should be doing. Is my armor on the ground, scattered about me, unattended by me? Is the living Word of the Bible being neglected by me? Shouldn't I be getting it into me strong constantly?

Other things like my behavior don't worry me as much, because I truly seem to not be under the control of active sin or anything stupid like in the past. Yet perhaps a more passive sin might be controlling me, such as laziness or just generally not redeeming the time.

But the general thought that we are in a battle, and we need to be vigilant and strong and AWAKE, all the time (awake to this under-the-sun realm and to the spiritual realm), acting from God's will, came to me. The necessity of not taking for granted a current safe environment and peaceful times. Realizing constantly the real danger of evil and of the Devil and his motives and his army of demons and humans acting from his spirit.

One thing that came to me: how people now in the spiritual realms may be observing me, and how when I am strong and awake and adept in this battle it is impressive, but when I sleep and get lazy and lose contact with my armor I am seen as unimpressive - if not a hapless fool - in that realm. This is inspiration, to act from the knowledge of how you are effecting others, or helping others, in other realms...


Anonymous monax said...

just to let you know, ct, i truly get encouraged when i read you!


February 25, 2014 at 11:58 AM  

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