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Deists of the world, arise!

Michael Horton and his ilk have begun to intone a new mantra. They want you to think they are boiling a biblical truth down into a slogan, but they are really exposing themselves, the way God makes the Devil's children mark themselves. Their new mantra is:

"It's not about you!!"

I.e. the biblical story of redemption, what God has done in history, what Jesus did on the cross, all of it...it's not about you!

There is no reason to be preaching such a message. They have to do their usual straw man constructing to find a justification for it. "So all of you who think you can stop the sun in the sky so you can have more time to get that job, hey! it's not about you!!"

Here's what they are really doing with their new mantra 'it's not about you.'

They are petulantly digging in against the recent charges they have received that they are practical deists.

"It's not about you!!" is a slogan of deism.


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