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Get in church, you morons... What's the matter, don't you love Christians? You morons...

Has there been anything in the Christian blogosphere as creepy as the Pyromaniacs blog in recent years? Nothing against Phil Johnson, who seems to have retired from that blog, but Dan Phillips? Frank Turk? Really?

That's like turning your blog over to two Jesuits; one bipolar, the other with Narcissistic Personality Disorder.

And the 'yes man' culture they enforce in the comments threads. That's really edifying.

Their latest tirades are a long running theme for them: why morons who call themselves Christians won't assume a position of slavery (their word) and dutifully go to a church on Sunday and love their fellow Christians like morons (like you) are supposed to do. And their style - not just especially the ordained pastor - is so encouraging: "Here, let me say it really slowly for you, moron: it's in the Bible. So maybe you might like to kind of take it seriously to any degree that your idiot self can possibly begin to understand it to begin with? Hmm?"

Priesthood of all believers, pastor. Come down to my church on the street. Oh, you don't want to lower yourself? Not to a moron Christian on the street? Hmm...


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