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See through the myriad confusion of the Kingdom of Satan

"Back then the lepers had three fingers on each hand... Now we only have two. Times were so much better back then..."

That wistful observation brought to you by humanity under the unending onslaught of the Devil in this world.

What you want to look for is when they make it so that you can't buy or sell. When you can't buy food. When you can't start a business to support yourself.

That is what Communism did. We see these same measures being put on us here in the United States currently like never before. Before, the Devil really never was able to keep us from buying and selling, and starting businesses. Now?

In all this confusion of conspiracy...seeing obvious evil in this and that current movement, in history, in people and peoples, and so on...it is all simple when you view it from the perspective of the Bible. Not what churches and church leaders and Christian educators tell you about the Bible (they are in institutions and institutions are easy takeover targets for the spirit of Satan), but from the bible itself, which has to be actually read by each one of us so that we are potentially able to see.

I.e. the myriad names and forces and movements, now and in the past, with all the confusion, intentional and self-inflicted, it is all one thing: the Kingdom of Satan in this world.

Some Jews are real, some 'Jews' are not real Jews, some are good, some are evil, Nazis used to be Marxists, U. S. Government protected Marxists in its midst, hated Nazis, only after Nazis attacked Marxists. Zionism, bankers, Khazars, British Empire, Islam, Romanism, Jesuits, conspiracy everywhere, different sources identified by different theorists, undeniable in parts, confused mostly overall, difficult to sort out.....evil exists, things get worse...

What does it all have in common? Godlessness. A hatred of Jesus Christ. (Yes, even in the Christian church; see how denominations are taken over always to become more liberal and unbelieving in what the Bible actually says.)

Where do we get protection? The full armor of God (Ephesians 6:10-18). Where do we get discernment and understanding? The Word of God and the Holy Spirit.

Whatever is out there, or among us, or in us, that is obviously a force of evil in one way or another, to one degree or another, is of the Kingdom of Satan, and is the spirit of Satan working through fallen human beings unable to act in any other way unless God regenerates them.

The battlefield is simple. On one side: faith in God. On the other side: faith in myriad false idols, some of them very big and powerful (the totalitarian state, for instance).

In our day a big false idol is also the notion of the 'noble savage.' Or multiculturalism. The Devil is big on this as a means to cause chaos and disintegration. Another is environmentalism. Look how they are able to harness an enormous lunacy such as 'global warming' to effect global mischief in the service of their godless faith. This can't be done without the spirit of Satan infusing people.

It is all Kingdom of Satan operations marching along. Whatever name it has to or wants to take on, whatever cover, whatever illusion, whatever delusion, whatever part of the world it needs to be more powerful in now or later or whenever, i.e. whatever it takes it will do what it does until the return of the King, Jesus Christ.