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It's an attitude of rebellion against God that is in the priesthood of Critical Text scholars and their followers

Do garbage Critical Text bibles regenerate Christians?

Yes, but only if the person doesn't know any better.

Let me explain. (This argument, this reality, is never taken on by the Critical Text priesthood of scholars.)

There is enough of the living word of God in a garbage Critical Text bible to regenerate one of God's elect. I.e. despite all the mutilation and bad translation there is enough of the living, quickening word of God in even a garbage Critical Text bible to regenerate one of God's elect.

The situation changes, though, when a person knows better. If a person knows they are reading a mutilated and badly translated Critical Text bible and still chooses to read that bible then they are in a different state vis-a-vis the Holy Spirit. That person is someone who wants a bible with the authority of the word of man in it, not the authority of the word of God. That is a person who wants a bible that is a mere text document that they can look down on and say, "You need me more than I need you because I constructed you. Scholars, man, constructed you. You wouldn't exist without me." They want a bible they don't have to look up to. When a person is conscious they are reading a Critical Text constructed bible that is the attitude they bring to it. And why do they do it? Because they hate the doctrine of regeneration. They hate the very fact of regeneration. The reality of regeneration. The monergistic aspect of regeneration. They hate that regeneration is a matter of God's sovereignty and not man's ability and choosing. They hate regeneration like Cain hated Abel.

What does regeneration have to do with it? Regeneration is effected, when it is effected, by the word and the Spirit. That is the environment where regeneration potentially happens, usually. The Holy Spirit can, of course regenerate any way and at any time He likes, but generally speaking it occurs through the engaging of the living, quickening word of God itself.

See it this way: the Roman Catholic Church use to call people to sacraments all day and all night, come one, come all, everybody welcome. Ritual for everybody. Priestcraft for everybody. Yet, they kept the word of God away from people upon penalty of torture and death. Why? Because the Devil and his spiritual children know that ritual sacraments don't regenerate, but the word of God does. So the Devil's Kingdom has been attacking the word of God from the Garden. And after their defeat at the Reformation they knew their only evil hope was to put people off of the real word of God and get them to accept bibles made from corrupt manuscripts they provided - Sinaiticus and Vaticanus - the manuscripts every modern bible translation is derived from today. And they knew that it is the attitude adopted by users of those bibles that would condemn them; not those who read them in innocence and get enough of the living, quickening word of God to be regenerated by the word and the Spirit, but those who know better and still adopt the corrupt bibles because they hate God's word because they hate the authority of God's word in His revelation and they hate the very reality of God's sovereignty in regeneration.

The Authorized - King James - Version remains alone as the only true Received, or Traditional Text Bible available to God's elect in the English language. It's the only Bible in the English language one can't look down on but one has to look up to and accept that it has the authority of the word of God in it, and not the authority of man.

"Oh, but the Received Text has to be edited too!"

There's a difference between editing a manuscript that derives from the same stream of sources vs. constructing a manuscript from divergent sources including historically rejected, comically corrupt sources.


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