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The Theology of Cain

Covenant - Federal - Theology is not the servant of infant baptism; nor is it owned by those who would present it as the theology of Cain; a theology devoid of Spirit and denying the sovereignty of God in grace.

Cain was angry at Abel. Why? Because Abel had been regenerated by God, and Cain had not. Cain's reaction was typical of a reprobate. Anger and a desire for revenge. No doubt after killing Abel Cain went off looking for rituals that would get *him* regenerated just like Abel had been regenerated. "Yes, with rituals I'll have what Abel had, and God won't matter..."

This theology of Cain is what is currently being taught under the rubric of Reformed Theology at institutions such as Westminster Seminary California. Lately their professors have been bragging on social media that they are "getting a hearing for a reason." They think they are bringing what people want to hear. Don't worry about anything called 'spirit' (or 'Spirit' for that matter), it doesn't exist. And the faith is *not about you.* Put everything into the hands of *ministers* who are *ordained* to *minister* *grace* into you through *ritual.* (They'll speak slowly for you too, because as juvenile intellectuals, hand picked and hand held through downgraded, now culturally Marxist institutions, it is important for them to belittle their audience, especially when they get so much nasty - and strangely clever - criticism from social media, which should only be available to ordained intellectuals, hand picked by cultural Marxists. They don't have a clue that cultural Marxists, once they take over institutions, gate keep it to only allow in fellow cultural Marxists and village idiots.)

So, if you choose to attend Westminster Seminary California understand that you will be taught the Theology of Cain. And, according to them, it's what people want to hear. If they can't decree regeneration to be non-existent like they've decreed spirit (and Spirit) to be, then second best is to take regeneration out of the hands of God and put it in the hands of ordained ministers with rituals that effect things like baptismal regeneration, which is their default belief. Though as Reformed Christians they can't bring baptismal regeneration into their house in broad daylight like the Romanists, or in through the back door in broad daylight like the Lutherans, but only through the back door in the dead of night. It's still gets in the house though. And *dead* of night has such a relevant feel to it as a phrase to go along with the Theology of Cain.


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