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To Westminster California

Michael Horton, the reason I don't respect you is because you're a juvenile academic and nigh Romanist. Develop into a man and into some understanding then we'll reassess.

R. Scott Clark, stop coining phrases that you put into acronyms then pretend they have become common usage when you are the only one using them. That's silly behavior. And, the guild talk, the back-slapping, the cleric-lay people mentality, no real born again Christian (regenerated by the word and the Spirit) takes that seriously.

The 'it's not about you' mantra you guys have developed is pure Deism. Yes, you fear the doctrine of monergistic regeneration because being inane academics first, Christians second, you question the supernatural and you don't have the background with literature to be able to see how the Bible is different from any other book. Your ratty, dumb Marxist pedagogues you were too stupid to identify were very happy to let you through the institutions they've taken over without ever asking you to read a single work of literature. Downgrade is not a strong enough word to describe what's happened to such institutions.

And your absolute objectifying of the faith is a juvenile intellectual's attempt at being original while he unconsciously operates in a post-modern environment, all the while thinking that because he's obviously smarter than the 'lay people' he can get away with it. No, you're going up against the discernment that comes from the Holy Spirit in Christians. We see you, young, silly lad. Stop affecting to be a teacher and a leader of Christians.


Blogger c.t. said...

I really don't like these people. Why? They speak and write in the name of Christ, and they neither believe in the work of the Holy Spirit nor value the word of God. They translate their 'bibles' from garbage manuscripts, and declare that Scripture needs them more than they need it. This act that occurred over a century ago is to them so encased in a new silent foundation that they smirk at even having to defend it against any Christian watchmen who expose them on it. They know the Devil has won that victory. They think they know that. I really don't like these people. Their churches have the life of corpses. This is their goal.

March 5, 2014 at 8:06 PM  

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