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We're not telling you evil is good, yet we are telling you good is evil...there's a difference

Allow me to summarize this podcast from R. Scott Clark and Michael Horton for you:

"Let us explain this carefully and slowly to you... We don't believe in baptismal regeneration... We believe in regeneration by baptism. We are not sacerdotalists, per se. We are sacerdotalists only in a context of a definition given by an outside entity unknowing of the objective reality internally of the language as we carefully and slowly express it in our domain, though a definition we won't necessarily gainsay, but for reasons that follow a narrow line which needs to be carefully followed if we aren't to fall to the one side of error or the other."

Got that? They don't believe in baptismal regeneration, yet they do believe in baptismal regeneration. They are not sacerdotalists, yet they are sacerdotalists.

They aren't Jesuits, yet they are Jesuits. They are not Soviet spies, per se, implanted into the State Department in 1938, they are American citizens working for Rome, Moscow.

They are a religion of peace. Just because they cut throats and get their followers to blow themselves up in crowds of people doesn't mean they are not all about peace and love.

They are not of the Devil, they are just all about peace and love as the Devil's mantra would have it.

They will not tell you that evil is good, yet they will tell you that good is evil.

Oh, and that whole faith and Bible and plan of redemption thingy? It's not about you.

Oh, and if you think you've experienced some kind of individual regeneration by the word and the Spirit you are self-deceived and you need to allow a Jesuit priest to fondle you in a special place, preferably when you are young, and worship man as mediator between you and God, and listen to the word of man and stop reading that Bible thing you pretty much shouldn't even own. At least get a garbage critical text constructed Bible like a good little 'christian' who knows it is not about you, and who willingly enters the Devil's synagogue where Jesuits posing as Protestants can make sure you never see the light of the Kingdom of God you worthless, ignorant piece of garbage.

Bow to Satan, do it NOW.

- R. Scott Clark, PhD
- Michael Horton, PhD


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