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Explaining - once again - the doctrine of the republication of the Covenant of Works on Sinai

Reading a debate on the republication of the Covenant of Works on Sinai over at the PuritanBoard is like listening to Marxists discuss the American economy. You just want to find a gun and shoot yourself in the head.

Here is a salient point that transcends both groups: until you both begin to recognize the typology of national Israel vis-a-vis Jesus Christ you just simply can't be taken seriously in the discussion. And neither side seems to want to or be able to recognize that typology and what it means regarding the Covenant of Works and the Covenant of Grace.

Jesus came to fulfill what fallen Adam failed to fulfill. That same Covenant of Works Adam failed to fulfill was republished on Sinai in obviously elaborated form for Jesus to be born under and into so that He could follow God's command to a 't' and fulfill the Covenant of Works. *This* is the Covenant of Grace for us (and the Israelites).

Prior to Jesus accomplishing this national Israel - AS A TYPE OF THE COMING MESSIAH - was under the republished Covenant of Works in a typological way ..... to (slow down and get this) to SHOW THAT MAN CAN'T FOLLOW THE LAW AND TO SEE HOW WE NEED THE COMING MESSIAH FOR SALVATION.

What is confusing you now? This is confusing you (read carefully)---

THERE ARE THREE ***UNIQUE PLAYERS*** IN GOD'S PLAN OF REDEMPTION: pre-fall Adam, national Israel, and Jesus Christ Himself.

Oh! but you say, not Israelites! they were in the same position as us but only needing to have faith in the coming Messiah like we have faith in the already come Messiah! Yes. Correct. Regarding salvation they were just like us. But regarding their role in God's plan of salvation they very much were not like us. We aren't tasked with bringing the word of God through time and space and history; and further, we have never been tasked with being the VERY HISTORICAL SUBSTANCE of the word of God. And have never been a type of the Messiah. Among other things.

What God has national Israel doing, even as some individual Israelites were being saved by faith in the coming Messiah, was performing in the Historical Theater of Redemption a grand object lesson on how fallen man can not save himself by following the law.

Why are you so confused? Because false teachers have confused you at the source, the Covenant of Works in the garden. They've taught you in your too-easily-duped state that it is 'pious' and 'good' to deny any merit in the Covenant of Works, EVEN THOUGH GOD POSES MERIT HIMSELF TO ADAM.

Another source of confusion: those vicious to protect their favorite Romanist fetish infant baptism sense (in a way that is always too hazy for me to remember even after I've figured it out before) infant baptism will have its legs cut out from it if this subject is understood as it is presented biblically. These are the ones who refuse to even recognize the Covenant of Redemption made from eternity because it shows the foundation of the Covenant of Works and Grace (i.e. they 'fold it in' with the Covenant of Grace because this conveniently separates it from the Covenant of Works which is their main demand). When pressed, they are also the ones who don't like any mention of a Covenant of Works at all and will rename it at the drop of a hat to further confusion (in fact, even though many of them know the doctrinal issues, they would sacrifice justification by faith alone to SAVE their precious Romanist fetish infant baptism, which is really just to say to save their salvation by ritual demands because they hate the sovereignty of God in regeneration. This is why it is so easy for dopes like the Federal Vision crowd to annoy Reformed paedo-baptists.

Yes, obviously I and many others lost patience in the debate long ago. We understand Federal Theology. We understand Jesus came to fulfill what Adam failed to fulfill. We understand that the Covenant of Grace is Jesus Himself fulfilling the Covenant of Works as the anti-type of national Israel. We understand there is ONE WAY to be saved: works. Either your own, or Jesus Christ's appropriated by faith in Him. Good luck with your own works. Adam in the garden had the ability, we, after the fall, don't. That is the plan of God. False teachers hate it.

Ironically what those who argue against republication of the Covenant of Works at Sinai accuse proponents of that doctrine with (works righteousness) they are guilty of themselves. They can't see that they are seeing everything upside down, and that it is the false teachers who have confused them. Those that are, in fact, genuinely confused, I should say, because many of them just simply have the devil in them and are consciously speaking falsehood.


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