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vs. John Piper

I left this comment at this interesting blog called Spiritual Authority:

This is an excellent subject for a blog.

One theme involved in this subject that I’ve thought about recently is preaching. I read somewhere that when preaching is mentioned in the Bible is invariably refers to preaching to the unconverted. The implication being that preaching really is not an activity that needs to be done to the converted in a church. In a church there should be more of an environment of discussing and learning and growing in understanding of the faith and growing in strength in the faith.

A counter to that is, I recently came across, John Piper who says the church is not a classroom, per se, but is for worship of God, and what the pastor does is more an inspired performance to facilitate the worship of God.

I would counter with C. S. Lewis when he stated that he found biblical doctrine (serious works of biblical doctrine) to be the most truly devotional works as opposed to the softer kinds of things we normally associate with devotional literature.

Thus reading and discussing the Bible and biblical doctrine as believers – getting greater understanding of it all – becomes an actual act of worship in a church environment or any environment. This has been my experience. If anyone needs biblical support for understanding of the Word of God and biblical doctrine - yea the study of God Himself - as acts of worship be prepared to catalogue thousands of verses and passages.

Just some thoughts…


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Amen! Amen! Jesus said He had ALL Spiritual Authority, and He IS the Word of God. those who claim spiritual authority over believers are indeed like mothers who never want their children to mature in mind, at best, or narcissistic people who desire worship. They claim to "lead us to Christ" as believers already, they have a great burden of souls upon themselves. They rule as the gentiles rule over their flock. I have left that scene, actually been run out of that scene, because the Bible is believed by me as best as I currently understand it. My understanding is ever increasing as the Holy Ghost is teaching. (see John 2 and other scriptures pertaining to new covenant people of God and how they are taught.)

April 15, 2014 at 3:17 PM  
Blogger c.t. said...

I agree with you. And also those types don't have any proprietary ownership of the influences and sources (books and such) of learning biblical doctrine (the very things they learned from, if they have on-the-mark doctrine), but they'll often act as if they have some kind of proprietary relationship to such works, and that you (we) are stepping onto *their* territory when we learn from them as well. The Holy Spirit leads us into such understanding, and if we have to fight to get it, so be it. Thomas Watson wrote a whole book on how achieving Heaven itself is a fight.

April 17, 2014 at 6:30 PM  

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