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We are known

We're not unnoticed by God here on the landscape.

God sees us. The Holy Spirit sees us. Prior to our regeneration He sees us.

I get these very firm and striking thoughts when I read liberal, or 'progressive' theologians. How they are me, me, me. "What is Christianity in terms of what I want? How can I re-vision Christianity to make it appropriate to what I demand? I am the measure."

God can see us when we aren't like that. When we are moving about on the landscape searching for influences, things to learn from, getting closer to school knowledge, to being able to see and understand and *accept* real biblical teaching.

He sees us not because we are special, or more special than others, but because we are determined and moving about despite all the mocking and abuse we are taking, much of it self-inflicted but inevitable for an innocent in a fallen world.

God sees the development and tempering of a soul that will - that can - live in His Kingdom.


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