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Ah, I got deleted again, by Westminster California this time

Here is a comment I left at R. Scott Clark's blog where he is defending his rascally former student (maybe not a former student, can't find a reference) Tullian Tchividjian.

There, unfortunately, is a lot of disingenuous bewilderment going on here among Tullian T.'s defenders. We saw/see this in Federal Vision types. "Oh, my, but I just can't see why there is such an uproar over Tullian! (O! that Tullian!) Whatever do people think he's saying?" Obviously he's on board with Westminster California's "It's not about you!" theological movement and the total objectifying of the faith. You don't do anything, you don't even matter. Who are you? It's all about God. Stop trying to think anything has anything to do with stupid little you. And our personal preference as academics is to really not like very much anything to do with the Holy Spirit, and our personal preference is what is most important, so let's knock off the talk of the Holy Spirit and any kind of active, progressive sanctification. Yeah, I know, we get called practical deists, but we'll take that hit. We need to cleanse Reformed doctrine of all this nonsense, and any notion that so-called 'Puritans' existed too.

Here's my take on Tullian:

What Tullian Tchividjian is preaching is an age old no-effort mantra which can be seen today in New Age environments. The fact of regeneration sets the divide. Once regenerated we are *able* to do. Like the new agers Tullian and his followers are wanting to - in effect - jump to the state of glorification where believers will be simply unable to sin. We are not yet glorified.

And R. Scott Clark is missing out on his favorite pass time: accusing people of having an over-realized eschatology. Which clearly Mr. Tullian T. has. But only tactically because at heart Mr. Tullian T. is an angry man. When people get close to the true school of biblical doctrine, Reformed Federal Theology, and they know they have not been regenerated by God, they can go one of two directions: 1) they can show real humility and fear of God, hence showing they are most likely on their way to potential regeneration by the word and the Spirit; or 2) they can, like Cain, get angry and desire revenge. The revenge in this case takes shape in an attack on Reformed Theology itself. An attempted subversion of it. Attacking the truth is akin to attacking God.


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