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The true school

The school existed, the true school, throughout history, hidden, open, persecuted, flourishing. Waldensians were part of that continuing presence of the real school. They often had to hide in high valleys in the mountains of Europe. Look at this paragraph from a classic book on Calvinism:

“While writing the Seneca Commentary [Calvin's first book written prior to his Christian activity] Calvin lived in the house of a cloth merchant, Etienne de la Forge, a devout Waldensian from Piedmont. This man was an ardent reader of Luther and a fearless propagandist of Protestantism. He made a practice of distributing to the poor packages accompanied by tracts and passages of Scripture, and he kept open house for religious refugees from the Netherlands. Calvin must have observed these evidences of incautious zeal, for which de la Forge would later pay the penalty of death by fire. Who can say what influence Calvin’s host ultimately had upon his religious attitudes?”

From The History and Character of Calvinism by John T. McNeill

The Alps, Geneva, meant by God to be a counterpart to the seven hills of Rome.

You want the zeal of a false-religion-following Muslim? You have a human prophet of the mountain in Geneva. You have the true school of eternity coming down from that mountain. God's mountain of assembly, Eden, Sinai, Zion, mountain. He's worth a thousand Muhammads, if one needs that. Worth an infinity of Muhammads because like a true prophet he holds to the Word of God and points to the real Prophet, Priest, and King Jesus Christ, Son of God.

Scrape off the traditions of man and the false accretions of worldly and Satanic influence (churchianity). Flash the Sword of the Spirit when they try to intimidate you and lord it over you in their false communions. You don't have to hate them, you can teach them, inspire them by your very presence, but don't give in to them. What they offer is not the true school. Follow the Holy Spirit for the true school.


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