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The Tullians have arrived

Tullianism is officially here. The Tullians have arrived.

Tullians derive their theology from a Florida pastor named Tullian Tchividjian. He's become a staunch and driving force for his theological insights and has recruited an entire Reformed seminary to his movement: Westminster Seminary California. Professors at that seminary have been broadcasting the several mantras of Tullianism for a few years now.

The mantras of Tullianism:

1. "It's not about you!"

2. "You don't do anything!"

3. "You are not smart!"

Mantra #1 is to remind you that the Christian faith is not about you. Who are you to think the faith has anything to do with you? You are nothing. God is everything. God doesn't even know you exist. (Practical Deism is a necessary consequence of adopting Tullianism.)

Mantra #2 is a Tullian teaching that says attempting to live up to any standards is a quest for fools. Sin must be celebrated. Failure is the actual goal. Because Jesus has done everything. (Not understanding the relationship of sin to our ability/inability vis-a-vis regeneration is a major part of Tullianism. Just as the Federal Visionists don't understand (or pretend not to understand) the difference between the pre-fall and post-fall state, Tullians don't understand the difference between the regenerate state and the glorified state. Some of them also attribute unregenerate inability to the regenerate state because that works for them and their Tullian theology as well.)

Mantra #3 they've adopted from the cultural Marxists that took over the institutions of higher learning they all graduated from and that they've also picked up from the general culture. When you are a Marxist/leftist dhimmi it is necessary to constantly self-justify one's useful idiot state by calling everybody else an idiot.

On that last point it shouldn't surprise anyone that the followers of Tullianism currently defending their theological father on forums and in blog threads are for the most part theological and political liberals.


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