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They may have salvation, but they're worthless in Christ's army

Goethe said the average human being wouldn't know the devil if he had them by the throat.

One could also say church Christians wouldn't know the devil if he had them by the throat. Seminary graduates wouldn't know the devil if he had them by the throat. And his tongue down their mouth and his tail up their ass.

We currently live in an era where beings like this, straight out of the Book of Revelation,

are throwing acid on little girls, cutting off heads, burying people alive, threatening to nuke the world, all in the context of the Kingdom of Satan making its move on the entire planet, and all you see in Churchianityville is "7 Ways to Pray Yourself to a Better Church Experience!" Or, "Fill the Hole in Your Heart with a Jesus-Like Church Experience!" And, "How to Tell if Your Kids are Being too Moralizing with Non-Believing Kids" and other such classics of the churchianity of our era.


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