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Don't be the 'sheep' of an academic

"A faithful pastor preaches the Word, administers the sacraments, and looks after the flock with the elders. Faithful believers are also content with this ordinary ministry." - Michael Horton

This is a recipe for a Christian army of spiritually dead, shallow dopes never leaving a nursery. This is not Christianity. This is not the faith.

Christians are prophets, priests, and kings. The spiritual battlefield is the gathering ground. The Holy Spirit and the Word of God is the teacher. The bar is set high, but the Holy Spirit enables Christians to meet and exceed that bar. Flocky sheep subservient to men and ritual neither meet nor exceed anything.

The situation is made worse with Christian leaders and educators having educations from downgraded culturally Marxist institutions, and not having a clue about that. A shallow academic approach to the faith is just that. The right approach to the faith is a spiritual warfare approach. With the spiritual warfare approach you know the Bible is the Sword of the Spirit and doctrine is armor of God. When on a battlefield soldiers want, need, demand a real Sword and real armor. The difference between real armor and false armor is the difference between life and death. And any armor (doctrine) watered down or negotiated down to the demands of man's fallen nature or due to fear of the world (a mark of academia) rather than fear of God alone is not real armor.


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