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The connection between Critical Theory demoniacs and Critical Text Bible scholars

George Steiner in his Preface to his book Tolstoy or Dostoevsky: An Essay in the Old Criticism talks common-sense on modern critical theory which can be applied to critical text scholars in the biblical realm. He writes of their activity as "...the display of analytic acrobatics in a house of mirrors." One may not associate that radical a degree of asinine theoretical involvement with the text of Scripture by critical text types, yet it is still there. They'll make up any rule, find any justification, read into anything what they need to see in it to get what they want out of it.

But here is the real connection: the Narcissistic arrogance. The looking down on the text as if it is a mere document. The assumption that the Bible needs them (scholars) more than they need it. Look at Steiner's words here directed at deconstructionists and their fellow travelers, and see how they also apply to critical text scholars of the Bible:

"The Narcissist arrogance (the semiotic anatomist is axiomatically more intelligent, more knowing, more important than the text on which he operates), the espousal of a pseudo -scientific jargon, the covert thrill of violence implicit in current interpretative methods, raise larger issues."

For the biblical scholar those "larger issues" are the very attitude that is more worldly and in fear and reverence of the world than is godly (and other-worldly) and in fear and reverence of God and God's revelation alone. Regeneration is also a larger issue. The practical and open atheism of biblical critical text scholars is an ongoing bad joke exposing the hand of the Devil in their works and in the acceptance of their work by rank and file Christians in general.


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