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The missing

I'm going to say it again: read Diana West's American Betrayal.

It is about the entire Western world, not just America. 

It is epic. It is an epic unfolding of the fall of our world in the 20th century. 

It is not same-old, same-old history on familiar themes. It is about the evil of anti-Christ, principalities, the dark forces of this world, on epic scale.

It is not conspiracy theory. It is mainstream in that sense. Real events. 

I've just read chapter 8, which is an epic chapter. 

It is really the only thing that can give you the true context to understand the lunacy of the times we are in. Lunacy of media, the political class, the collective impotence of those who know better. Including the lunacy of Islam right now.

I said it on my blog, this is the usually secret, or esoteric, history of anti-Christ - usually left to non-mainstream writers, and usually presented with a lot of needless, wild silliness - written by a mainstream and unusual in a good way writer (she has unusual discernment and value for all that is not darkness and lunacy). This is why there was an explosion of denouncement when it was published, though praised by the hardened and now worldly freedom fighters emerged from the hell she describes itself.

It is a unified story. The epic theme is the missing theme of the unwritten great novel, the deep story of this era. It is central and foundational and real understanding of these times is only partial and shattered without it. - C.

[Originally an email.]


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