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Reformed leaders and educators mocking the supernatural

Lately in several Reformed environments (not just liberal, so-called Reformed like Peter Enns and company) I've been witnessing more and more Christian leaders and educators and just rank and file coming out as not believing in the supernatural.

Out of one side of their mouth they will insist they believe in the supernatural, yet out of the other side of their mouth they will debunk (often in mocking or condescending tones) anything to do with the supernatural.

They are always tactically - it seems - quiet about things like the resurrection of Jesus, or any of the other supernatural events of the Bible they couldn't very well get away with mocking, at this moment in history anyway, give them time. (If pressed I supposed they fall back on saying, yes, but that is only God, or only an inspired prophet, or that is limited to that dispensation or time or era...or what have you).

What they really seem to love to mock to no end is anybody who suggests they believe in the existence of angels or demons.

This again is their unconscious Marxist ideological indoctrination shining through, being the good Pavlovian students they always were in their culturally Marxist institutions of higher learning.

Goethe said most human beings wouldn't know the devil if he had them by the throat. In the case of Christian academic leaders and educators they wouldn't know the devil when he has them by the throat, his tongue in their mouth, and his tail up their ass.


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