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Imagining the unimaginable

If you ever ponder the plan of God from the Bible, Heaven, glorified bodies, etc., and you think, (maybe atheists mocking have gotten to you) pretty hard to believe that...then think of this: what is happening right now, being embodied, in a real world of visible numerous cosmoses, having consciousness, moving through space, experiencing time, all of it...it's all pretty bizarre in itself. So...

And what we are experiencing here, obvious alienation (from each other, the natural world, and God); constant evil that our consciences tell us is evil, that we know in our heart is evil; history that has meaning through time; etc., all of it is explained by Christianity.

Just because there are many religions, many worldviews, doesn't mean none of them are true. One of them can be true. In fact, one can be true and the others can be intentional counterfeit or just rebellious ignorance or something else.


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