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Advice for James White

This advice I'm about to offer James White comes after attempting to listen to three or four of his Dividing Line podcasts/videos and having to abandon the effort each time. It's not just that there is very little room for substance in them between the "I, I, I"s (more self-references than 300 Obama speeches per podcast) or his juvenile scholar-priest brow-beating triumphalism; no, it's what I suspect are the psychotropic drugs that are keeping any chance for the Holy Spirit to work any degree of healing of his mental condition. Narcissistic Personality Disorder is usually non-curable, yet as Christians we know the Holy Spirit can cure anything in anybody, but the psychotropic drugs are going to be a barrier to that possibility. James, ask your doctor to start the process of coming down off those drugs. If you're not taking any psychotropic drugs, which would be hard to believe, then simply ask God to heal you of your mental condition.


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