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I know why this worldview material has lit me up

I now know why this worldview material has lit me up. It is because they are schools of the devils on the spiritual battlefield. Devils intentionally plural in that sentence. It's what they wear. How they appear.

I had to download a general work on worldviews to get more of a perspective on this subject, so I went with a general work Pearcey referenced in her book: Worldview, the History of a Concept, by David K. Naugle. As I was glancing through it, preparing for a complete read, it came to me. These things are ALIVE. They are EMBODIED. You see them on the spiritual battlefield. In the spiritual realm.

It's difficult to discern what we see in the spiritual realm because we don't have obvious senses to perceive and remember what we experience there, but we nevertheless do see things there and experience things there, and getting 'lit up' by something is a kind of evidence that it relates to spiritual realm experience. - C.


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