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Idolatry, a missing loci of systematic theology (Pearcey's Finding Truth fills in the missing chapter)

It just now strikes me that for a long time I've been saying systematic theologies have been negligent in not including chapters on idol worship and spiritual warfare. This total subject that Nancy Pearcey's Finding Truth is about is that missing chapter (or loci) on idol worship. And we can see that it is a big subject indeed. It is the missing subject that explained all the philosophy that we knew intuitively was inane if not worthless. I.e. not worth the time, yet in that dismissiveness also being naive to the power ideas have, including bad ideas, to influence people unknowingly. Naive to it because we didn't see the religious aspect of it. The idol worship aspect of it.

One thing I highlighted in the first chapter is how God in the Bible doesn't contrast Christianity with atheism, but with idolatry. Because atheists, whether materialists or rationalists or what have you, are idol worshipers. If they're worshiping material or autonomous human reason, etc., then they are as religious in their activity as any adherent to any other false religion. It just was interesting how the observation put atheists in their place and made them common run whereas they think of themselves as the main equal competitor to God and Christianity. - C.


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