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One little critique

As I finish the book [Finding Truth by Nancy Pearcey] one little critique I have is what I'm perceiving as a bit of naivete on the part of Nancy Pearcey, specifically seeing the motivations of some of the people starting and promoting these various movements. Specifically in the section titled Postmodernism and Terror. She states that the postmodernists were motivated in their distrust of totalizing metanarratives because of their experience with the horrors of totalitarian regimes in their time, Nazism and Communism. I don't see it this way. My take is they were merely continuing the lunatic Marxist program of subverting the west and drawing cover by pretending they were motivated by wanting to go against totalitarianism. Obviously what they were doing, in actually mimicking the Nazi/Communist tactic (which Pearcey points out without seeing the tactical maneuver as conscious Marxist evil) was drawing cover by pretending to be against fascist totalitarian horror while quietly going about doing what such Marxist evil has been doing all along. Marxism doesn't need bloody revolution or violent war to further its aims. Gramscian Marxist tactics took over the moment the last shot of WWII was fired.

This lack of discernment for these things (or reluctance to call a spade a spade in this area) just might be one of the divides that we see among Christians more and more: the academic approach to the faith vs. the spiritual warfare approach. I take the latter. (Or I should say: I plunder the former but practice the latter.)

Having said the above...

This book is very, very, very well done, by the way. It is exceptional. Others reading this will say, "Well, you're just new to worldview analysis and you've yet to hear the proverbial counter argument; plus you don't know of the books that have fed into Pearcey's book that actually did all the hard work on this subject matter..." etc., etc. No, I'm not new to this subject matter, and I've already been through the stage of being struck by the impressiveness of worldview analysis; no, I haven't read Dooyeweerd, I haven't even read Francis Schaeffer, but I don't need to to say what I'm saying. What I am saying when I say this book is very, very, very impressive is it is powerful. Even if it's just the subject matter the writer put it together and is clear and can turn a phrase. It is powerful to have, to study, and to set next to any spiritual warfare book that you have singled out as particularly good. And this book will work in discerning the nature of anything new that comes down the Pike. It's ongoing useful. It is worthy of a place in a short list of most important books a Christian should read.


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