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Worldview Analysis 2

This has to be added to the previous posts, because we're dealing with a lot of shallowness and a lot of shallow people and types and classes of people in all this worldview analysis. I mean, Marxists/atheists, philosophers, textbook orthodox scientists, academics in general, seminary educated Christians, etc. All of these various morons think the average Christian doesn't know how to read or has never engaged higher influences (whatever that large group of idiots think higher influences are), but really those Christians mostly exist in the churches being led by the seminary graduates, for the most part. Those nurseries called churches. Believe it or not most real Christians are not in any of those churches. That level of shallowness (and heavily policed shallowness), we're sorry, that way lies death.

So what am I saying? Well, all those morons listed above think someone like myself is mixing up culture, civilization, great inspired works of art, literature, music, with these God-denying worldviews and thus seeing it all as worthless. Again, the morons listed above can't even articulate what a great work of literature is, yet still they are thinking this because they think that is *their* territory because they matriculated through institutions of higher learning, albeit thoroughly unconscious to the fact said institutions have been thoroughly taken over by cultural Marxism, yet...it goes like this: "I've got a degree from Oxford! I know great literature and stuff, even though I never was asked to read any great literature when I was there, but still..." And you didn't have the motivation to engage any of it outside your 'schooling', I mean, who wastes time like that? Reading stuff when no grade or degree is on the line?

No, these "God sucks" worldviews don't have anything to do with great inspired works of art, literature, music, or discoveries and inventions in science and technology...they mostly do own the realm of philosophy though, because people with a clue don't see much use in pushing back there, i.e. it's either Theism or Nihilism and everything in the middle is just screwing around. If we already see the truth why fuck around in that muck. We're drawn to classic works that show the true nature of human nature, the nature of power, the ways of the world, economic and liberty vs. tyranny writings that actually value liberty, but we intuitively from birth don't give a fuck about David Hume, who probably spent the vast majority of his life with one or another finger up his ass, judging by depictions of him on canvas. Oh, and he stated that all books should be burned that weren't depicting how to build a fucking footstool. That's included in his most famous, renowned, respected work. Reminds me of our own era's Sam Harris who advocated genocide in one of his great works. These are just small things to overlook (or I guess agree with) because the main thing is the great God sucks worldview being put forth.

Common grace, all truth is God's truth, the good, the true, the beautiful, inspiration, General Revelation, all is tapped into and used by believers and unbelievers alike (conscious of their unbelief or not). Christianity is reality. The atheists and the soft-headed churchians want to talk about 'Christian art' not realizing the Homeric epics, Faulkner's As I Lay Dying, and much of American pop music is Christian as much as Bach's Mass in B minor. It's all under the umbrella that is the reality of God's creation.


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