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Seeing God

From the department of seeing things in a different context for new meaning...the subject is: seeing God.

We read about this desire to finally see God in heaven. As a goal. A kind of event of long-waited-for resolution.

In the usual context it can give us an uneasy feeling. The uneasiness of having a supreme authority figure in our midst.

But here may be the context: finally seeing sanity. Finally being in the presence of true order and everything that is right and good. We, I think, don't often consciously sense this absence. Yet in this fallen life, in this fallen world, it's not much different from an average unpleasant dream where we are alienated from everything and moving about in a landscape of darkness and chaos.

So to be able to see God after a lifetime of this darkness and chaos of various kinds and degrees is like emerging out of a subterranean hell into light and order and goodness and beauty...not to mention no more alienation, death, and evil.


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