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Shallow and evil

It would be difficult to find a more purely stupid post on a blog on the internet today than this post by Peter Enns.

Can he be a pure devil while also being purely stupid? Absolutely he can. False teachers are sinning. Sin is irrational to its core. People who revel in their sinful nature and rebellion towards God actually think they can defeat God. That's how irrational (or stupid, if you will) they are.

But just because intellectually they are common village idiots don't under-estimate their pure, vicious evil.

"But he's got a degree from Harvard!" That would be evidence against him in a court proceeding determining whether he's a village idiot or not. In fact, go to Google Earth and look at Harvard. It's a clump of scattered buildings housing mostly Baby Boomer era cultural Marxists that walk around with their tongues sticking out of their mouths. God bless people who have disabilities and an excuse to walk around like that, but they're not supposed to be Harvard professors.

OK, let's be more specific. Look at the post-modern idiocy woven throughout the post. Is Enns really that stupid to adopt the latest academic idiocy and apply it to something like Christianity as if you can keep starvation at bay with rhetoric about the relative meaning of food? Yes, you have to say he is that stupid. Stupid with an accent on shallow. He also, though, is evil. His drive, his focus, his day after day unchanging desire to put forth these views. That is a mark of Satanic spirit inside him.

Never underestimate shallowness in these academics though. Just like you should never underestimate the role of drugs or alcohol in acts of remarkable violence you should never underestmate just how shallow people with degrees from institutions of higher learning can be.


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