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This is a spectacular story

I think I might have mentioned this a year or so ago, but it is too spectacular to not mention again.

Over a 24 year period what is called the Cosmic Microwave Background (CMB) has been mapped three different times by, successively, three different grades of technology, the last, the Planck Satellite, obviously being the best.

The first time it was mapped it showed something strange. It showed that the Earth appeared to be the center of the universe. The scientists didn't like this and coined the term "the axis of evil" for the axis that appears in the map that shows this startling fact. They say they called it that because it cuts the knees out from the Copernican Principle, that the universe is uniform in every direction, every place, etc. It gets complicated, and I'm obviously not an astrophysicist, but I'll give three links at the end of this that explain it with good graphics. I.e. the Standard Model had been nuked. But they really called it 'evil' because it showed the Earth is NOT some cheap little insignificant planet in some dark, dusty corner of one of billions of galaxies.

Now, it sounds *SUPERNATURALLY STUPID* to say the Earth is the center of the universe. Even to a modern day Christian. Because we've all been indoctrinated to believe the pious atheist dogma that humans are insignificant and the Earth is insignificant in the universe, etc. BUT THIS IS WHAT THE MAPPING - DONE THREE TIMES NOW! - HAS DISCOVERED. I don't usually use large caps, but it's really a remarkable, a spectacular discovery.

It gets worse for the atheists!

Picture the universe as a basketball. In the CMB mapping the Earth appears at the very center of the basketball. But here is the worse part for the atheists: the basketball has a discernible equator (that axis of evil) and that discernible equator cuts exactly through the Earth's elliptic formed as it courses around the sun. That plane.

And the map of the CMB is explained like this: imagine that equator cut through the basketball is like a bike wheel, and all the spokes start at the edge of the universe (the surface of the basketball) and go inward to the center hub which is the Earth. Those spokes are aspects of the map (that I can't describe because that part is beyond me) that the scientists have to admit show that the Earth is the center of the universe. This is supernatural. I.e. it defies a naturalism explanation. It's just strange and supernatural, like creation itself.

Here is the article with the good graphic (scroll down to Fig. 3) http://tangentspace.info/Articles/cmb1.php

Here's a short overview: https://medium.com/we-are-in-a-special-place/planck-satellite-confirms-wmap-findings-universe-is-not-copernican-26f88f17a732

Here's a PDF by a guy who champions geocentric issues, but he knows this subject and he does a point-by-point take down of the initial release, or the wording of the release, by the scientific establishment regarding these findings: http://galileowaswrong.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/06/Planck-Date-Release.pdf

- C.


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