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Three areas of design

There are three areas of design to focus on: 1. the remarkable fact of code (information) in the cell (DNA). 2. The amazingly intricate nano technology like machinery inside a cell. 3. The fine tuning of the universe for life.

Another big thing is how everything is designed with a purpose, or an end in view. Mechanical evolution, whether to explain life or the universe, can't work with an end in view. It can't develop an eye with an end in view for vision. It would also have to build multiple inter-working systems simultaneously. Evolution can't even answer which came first, the chicken or the egg. Sex and sexual reproduction are major problems for evolution. Among an infinity of other problems.

That evolution is garbage science is blatantly obvious, but the new thought here is how intelligent design in creation gives remarkable proof of a Designer...i.e. our Creator God. And how that gives remarkable assurance of providential care.

Christians in the past didn't know of the three things listed above. Though they may have been closer to nature in general and had witness to similar design in creation.


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