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Will there be gender in heaven?

I heard a pastor recently answer the question whether there will be gender in heaven. He said no, citing no need for the giving of birth, etc.

I disagree. Here's how I see it. When we speak of heaven we can speak in terms of what is ideal. Glorified bodies, for instance. Ideal bodies.

Now take feminine charm. Not all women have the ideal of feminine charm, yet some do, or come really close. We all have seen it to some degree, certainly perhaps in a favorite actress in some medium or another. That feminine charm is a real thing. It's like music. Will there be music in heaven? Who would say no? Will it be different, better, of more depth and transcendence and beauty and meaning? Probably. Probably music won't be limited to the diatonic scale and so forth. Maybe instruments will be able to manifest octaves within octaves within octaves, or something similar. So feminine charm as a real thing might be even more charming in heaven.

Now there has to be a vessel to contain this feminine charm, doesn't there?

The pastor said there will be no need for birth, thus... Yet feminine charm can exist and does even exist in this world separate from the dynamics of childbirth. Yes, feminine charm plays a role in conceiving a child, but it also plays a role just on its own in making the world a more pleasant and charming place. It's a *thing.* Like music.

So if we speculate that anything God created that is good or beautiful or true won't disappear from His creation then feminine charm won't disappear, thus we can say there will be gender in heaven. Different? Most likely. Obviously the biological cycles and mechanism of birth and nursing children will not necessarily be a part of it all, at least not for those uses.

There's also no more alienation in heaven, and no ability to sin. Heaven will be a very different experience, yet it doesn't seem wise to say such a fact of God's creation as the mutually harmonious fact of gender will be done away with.


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