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Two hard facts

Christianity is reality, and here are two hard facts learned on the spiritual battlefield:

1. Doctrine is actual armor of God. A Christian will never see or understand or value this fact unless he or she sees it and experiences it on the actual spiritual battlefield. There is no arguing or constantly yearning for nuance and something new and beyond terminal understanding; i.e. you are on a battlefield and not only want but need real armor. Real hard truth biblical doctrine that offends your fallen nature. You don't care on the battlefield if your fallen nature is offended, you want and need real armor and a real weapon. Academic oriented Christians will never see or experience this. Especially ones who read that and respond: "So you're anti-intellectual?" You have to be spiritual warfare oriented in the faith. Regeneration effected by the Word and the Spirit puts you on the spiritual battlefield. Cleric and ritual does not.

2. No one will be in God's Kingdom - Heaven - who can't be trusted by God, and God knows what is in our hearts. We have to ask the question, "Can God trust me?" and be able to honestly (and with understanding) answer, "Yes, God can trust me." Christians who are still judging God; christians who still stand above the Word of God, affecting a stance that it needs them more than they need it; christians who give lip service to belief in the supernatural yet don't really believe in the supernatural; christians who really fear man and the world more than they fear God; these are not christians God can trust. These will not be in God's Kingdom. I.e. there's no screwing around at that point; God knows what's in your heart. You can't fake your way into the Kingdom.


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