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A request to followers of the Critical Text deception as it becomes more exposed

I want to make a request to followers of James White and the Critical Text movement. Whether you are part of his close following or just have read his book or listened to him on the internet, or if you are part of the Puritanboard and have defended him, etc., I make this request of all of you. As you go through the psychological stages one goes through when they learn that the person they've been looking up to is not a person worth looking up to, please - please - don't then take out your frustration and disillusionment with the word of God itself. Don't abandon the Bible. Don't decide that you're no longer going to read the Bible or believe the Bible or live by the words of the Bible. This would be giving the victory to the Devil. This is what the Devil wants, that even in the exposure and defeat of his workers the effect is the same: getting people to be dispirited about and turn away from the living word of God. Go through the psychological stages, but keep your eye on the true target of your increasing wrath: those who have wickedly set into motion a plan to dispirit people about the word of God, to preach that there is error in the word of God, that God has not preserved His word in any meaningful way, all to get you to turn away from God's word and back to the word of man and Satan.


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