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"'Cause, you're Oompa Loompas and Trumpkins, and stuff. Just like Kevin Williamson said. And stuff."

Note I left at Steve Hays Triablogue blog under a post where he psychoanalyzes Trump supporters finding them to be just exactly what he's read National Review saying them to be:

c.t.8/28/2015 7:21 PM

Shit, you said Trumpkins, mimicking the NRO establishment tools who consider themselves the 'smart set.' Williamson, Goldberg, et al., just got skewered by the Weekly Standard. And, no, it didn't make them look cool. Now delete this 'cause I said shit. Fuck Trump smokes out the putative conservative tools.

Language warning, oh, too late.

They'll delete it, usually with a note saying something like: "We've informed you prior that you're not welcome here."

I know, dang, I'm not allowed to be a part of the Triablogue experience. [I had an insult here, but I remove it due to not wanting to be mean. People are who they are, and are where they are, and, we all survive the abortion odds, walk on grass for the first time, wonder about our place in the world...]

I'll just end here with: Kevin Williamson is not someone you want to emulate, Steve. Good on socialism, not so good on discernment of his own inanity.


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