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Genesis 6:2 and Reformed seminary types

[From an email.]

Most all modern day Reformed seminary types stay away from the angelic view [that fallen angels mated with human women]. It's like a thing that will get them cast out of the guild. Because it's a stepping into the mesoteric realm. You admit angels in that passage then you have to defend it, and defending it means going to Jude, Enoch, the entire biblical storyline of Satanic defilement of the bloodline, attempted, between Adam and Christ, etc., etc.

Meredith Kline came close to adopting the angelic view, but he said fallen angels took over the bodies of the kings and leaders and mated with women that way, but in saying that the fallen angel view is possible he made an insight that really cemented the fallen angel view I hold as the accurate one. He pointed out that Satan counterfeits God's plan, and in having fallen angels mate with humans to make hybrids he was counterfeiting the incarnation of Christ, fathered by the Holy Spirit on a human woman, Mary.

The argument for fallen angels is strong. Very, very strong. The ancient Jews, the early church fathers, 1Enoch quoted in the Epistle of Jude, etc.

Liberal theologians are prone to downgrade the notion and doctrine of sin. Conservative theologians are more prone to unconsciously deny supernatural elements of the Bible. The former become practical atheists; the latter become practical deists.


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